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What is SMS and How SMS Works?
publication date: 15 January 2012
Who has never heard about so well-known SMS? Perhaps this term is not widely used by people, but everyone knows...


Analysis: All the Features of iOS 5
publication date: 03 January 2012
Notification centre, IMessage, integration with Twitter, new gestures on the iPad and over 200 more innovations...

Future of the phones

The Phones of the Future
publication date: 29 December 2011
If present models already look too complicated, get ready, because the revolution is coming! Today it would be...

Evolution of cell telephones

History: The Evolution of Cell Telephones
publication date: 25 December 2011
Once upon a time some engineers decided to change the course of history. Thinking about the way to make...

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Eye-tracking tech in the Samsung Galaxy S4? Say what?
news date: 12 March 2013
If you believe the rumors, the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3 (pictured) could scroll up and down based on your eye movements. (Credit:...

North Korea to offer mobile internet access
news date: 21 February 2013
039;ve set up is one that they can control and tear down if necessary," he said....

Google Still in a Struggle With Mobile
news date: 22 January 2013
Seth Wenig/Associated Press Larry Page, Google’s chief, said the company was in “uncharted territory” because of rapid...

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For more information on making international calls to or from specific locations in Africa, please follow to the Help topic and visit Country Codes guide.

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